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Trees Inspection

Whether it is for the purpose of establishing tree health/condition for safety purposes or managing a number of trees within a garden or part of an estate, Sylva Consulting is able to execute and report thoroughly on any tree inspection. As professional tree consultants we can undertake a range of tree surveys and provide appropriate management recommendations. Our written reports are essential in demonstrating that a robust approach to tree risk management is in place, so that liabilities, in the case of accidents, can be minimised.


Instructing Sylva Consulting to inspect your trees will ensure that you meet The Occupiers Liability Acts (1957 and 1984) in terms of meeting your duty of care as a tree owner.

Our tree consultants are also able to provide a full aerial climbing inspection where a ground level inspection is not considered adequate.

To comply with approved and recommended industry practice our tree consultants hold the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection Certificate and the NPTC Tree Climbing Certificate.